CTRC - The California Trolley and Railroad Corporation.
Preserving the historical heritage of railroading and trolleys in the Santa Clara Valley of California.

2479 Update - Sept 15-20, 2008

After several weeks of hard work, each ending in disappointment, we finally successfully bored the upper pin hole on the locomotive's front coupler.  It turned out that the boring bar was not sufficiently supported.  A brace was constructed and welded into position on to the bottom of the new lower pin hole plate.  Boring took most of the day and is now complete.  All that remains of this task is to turn out a bushing and installing that bushing into the newly bored hole.  This task will not impact re-wheeling of the locomotive.

Also during the week one of two shim plates for the lead truck bowl was trimmed down on the South Bend lathe.  This plate was fitted into the lead truck bowl.

Crews continue consolidation of CTRC material into the west end of the area presently occupied.  Hopefully the remaining ties will be sorted and moved this coming week.


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