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2479 Update - Progress October 6 - 10

Installation of the locomotive's suspension system was completed today.  Springs for number 1 driver were hoisted into place, the transverse equalizer beam was connected and the rods that connect the transverse equalizer to trailing truck equalizer levers were attached.  There are a few details remaining but they cannot be completed until the suspension system is inspected upon return of Art.  Progress was made in bolting the boiler's number 2 waist angle to its support.  This task should be finished next week.

Completion of the above tasks puts us on schedule for rewheeling of the locomotive the week of Oct. 27.  This is assuming there are no issues with the suspension system.

Work continues on the Clark forklift's exhaust system.  John Z. and Bill J. managed to install a new flex pipe at the output of the exhaust manifold.  Brazing is needed to complete the task.

The weekday crew continued the move to the new site.  With all round house brick relocated, the crew turned to the stacks of timbers.  Better then 50% of this material has been relocated.  Clean up of the vacated area was also completed.


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