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Re-Wheeling the 2479 - Day 3

The wheels are, after so many years, once again under the locomotive.  But the job is not quite done.

The day began at 8AM.  First order of business was to push the backhead end of the boiler towards Tulley Road.  Its amazing what can be done with a jack!

With the frame aligned to the rail we began lowering the locomotive.  The difficult task was getting the trailing truck tongue into its frame slot followed by the lead truck bowl accepting the frames pedestal.  These two tasks consumed the biggest part of the day.  The only easy task was lowering the locomotive.

As of 4:30 PM today the journal boxes are inches away from the bottom of the spring saddle.  Locomotive sure looks good with wheels near where they belong.

Tomorrow (Tuesday Oct 28) is another work day.  We shall begin at 8AM.


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