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SP2479 Progress: January 5-10, 2009

By J. Ezovski

Relocation of our containers is complete.  The last container was of the three units was emptied, moved and equipment returned today, Saturday, January 10.  The task did take most of the day as an unusually small crew tackled this significant task.

With the container in place, the crew moved over to the locomotive.  It was pulled back to the end of its track, a distance of about fifteen feet.  There were two reasons for this move.  First was to see how difficult it was for two medium size forklifts to move the locomotive.  Second reason was to point the front panel of track in the optimum direction for the coming move. Surprisingly the locomotive rolled easily.  There was virtually no strain placed on the forklifts.

During the week work continued on the canopy.  Rain gutters were reconnected and a three foot extension was added.  Some electrical work was also performed. Fairgrounds staff continued site work by spreading a layer of base rock.

Another very big thank you to A Tool Shed.  Mr.  Pedersen's crew delivered a much needed forklift to the site on Friday.  None of the today's work could have been accomplished without the use of A Tool Shed's lift.  None of the work accomplished over the past month could have been completed with A Tool Shed's assistance! Thank you Mr.  P.!

Fairgrounds management is very satisfied with the move's progress.  With some luck and not a lot of rain, the move could be complete by the end of February.  A number of small items and two big objects remain: locomotive, double wide trailer.

During the coming week, we hope to have electrical service installed and power restored to the shop.  All parts for the Clark forklift are now at the site. The lift should be returned to service early in the week.  It will then be placed into service positioning panels of track for the move of the locomotive.

Its been a good week!


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