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Moving the SP2479

By J. Ezovski

With the help of Dennis and Larry Murchison, and Frank Valerga, 2479 began its journey across the fairground to the new site.  Four panels of track were laid out in front of the two panels that the locomotive sat upon.  Near 2 PM, the locomotive was rolled about 170 feet west with the aid of the Wiggins and A Tool Shed fork lifts.

Moving the 2479

The above image shows the locomotive coming off of its old location.  There was a slight down grade in this area and the locomotive made good use of it! Air brakes were rather helpful.

Moving the 2479

Above shows where the locomotive sat at days end.  The front of the locomotive is very close to the site limit line.

Tomorrow the crew will begin to relocate the panels to the front of the locomotive for the next step in the move.


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