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SP 2479 Update: February. 1 - 7, 2009

This past week a 200 ampere, 3 phase, 220 volt source was connected at the new site.  The shop was connected to this source and each machine verified for correct operation.  While machines were being check another crew was busy plumbing the air compressor.

With all of the electrical issues resolved, the crew turned to repairing the panels of track that the locomotive will sit for remaining repairs.  Ballast can now be recovered from the old site and the rails leveled.

The rain that has fallen during the past two days has turned the area between the old and new sites into a large field of mud.  Our Clark forklift is not operable in this environment.  The remaining large objects at the old site, double wide trailer and large rack, will remain until the ground dries.

Dec. 6, 2008 marked the beginning of this stage in the move.  Much has been accomplished since that date.  In two months crews have relocated three large containers (and contents), a 26 x 32 foot boiler tube canopy (and all the equipment it protected), and one 225,000 pound pacific class steam locomotive.  Not bad for two months work!


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