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Preserving the historical heritage of railroading and trolleys in the Santa Clara Valley of California.

SP2479 Progress: March 23-28, 2009

By John Ezovski

A secure storage area between two containers was completed this past week.  Work included installing gutters along the roof edge, installation of the roof, attaching chain link fencing along the back, fabrication and installation of double gates at the entrance.

With the storage area complete, all remaining material was removed from the women's restroom and deep sink area.  The locomotives pistons that were stored in the men's room entrance area were moved into the outdoor shop area.

Two and one half panels of track were leveled in preparation of the final move of the tender and caboose.

While materials were being moved and track leveled, the small shaper/planner received some much needed attention.  Various oil lines were replaced, and the machine tested.

In addition, grass (weeds) in and adjacent to the new site were cut.

The end of the move is here!  By the end of this coming week, all remaining CTRC equipment (exclusive of the turntable and water tank) should be within the county designated area.


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