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Preserving the historical heritage of railroading and trolleys in the Santa Clara Valley of California.

Kelley Park Line Update August 11, 2009

Due to debris build up within the flangeways, the final 750 feet of track has been unusable as the wheels were not able to make full contact with the rails.  Full contact is needed to complete the electrical circuit required for trolley operation.  Different techniques for cleaning the flangeways were explored with the final solution of dragging a pick axe through the dirt and then sweeping the dirt away.  Subsequent runs with car 124 were made to widen/deepen the grooves.  During one of these runs, a barn volunteer is pictured checking for wheel-to-rail arcing.  The second photo is of car 124's first successful trip to the Happy Hollow end of the line.

Motorman availability is our limiting factor to more frequent service over our new Kelley Park line.  Additional volunteer motormen are welcomed.  Contact the trolley barn for more information.  408-293-BARN.


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