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SP2479 & 1215 Restoration Highlights - February 2010

J Ezovski

Despite the many rainy days during the month, there has been progress on both locomotives and improvements at the fairgrounds restoration site.

An evaluation of 2479's valve linkage is complete.  Several of the system's bronze bushings must be replaced, several pins require truing, the link blocks must be built up with braze and valve rod crosshead needs babiting.  The main and front set of side rods are at Oakland Machine Works for boring of the main pin holes and work should be completed soon.

All removed parts belonging to 1215 have been cleaned and painted.  One section of the fireman's side cab floor has been fabricated and welded into place.  A second section has also been fabricated and fitted.  Welding of the section into place will occur on the next rain free day.

Access to materials stored in both passenger cars has been improved. Stairs were constructed from excess steel and boiler tubes removed from 2479.


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