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SP2479 Status - April 20, 2011

Small crew today but a few accomplishments.

All machining to the lower right crosshead guide is complete which makes it ready to be returned to the locomotive.  Before it can be mounted a pair of bolts must be made and some touch up work to the front shim plate is required for the guide to be preciously positioned to the piston rod.

In order to gain access to the group's large Rockford Planer, a cleanup of the outdoor shop was required. With "stuff" relocated, the planer's ways and various shafts were cleaned and lubricated.  Power was applied to several parts of the machine to check movement and allow additional lubrication.  A significant quantity of hydraulic oil is needed before the last section and most important part of this machine can be operated.  30 gallons of oil is on order and hopefully will be come available for next weekend's session.

Over the past several weeks a fox has been seen in and about the rail tie stack.  A fox in this area has been seen often over the years.  This visit has been a bit more interesting as a litter of seven kits have been seen with the vixen.  The kits may be seen in this photo.


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