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SP2479 - Update Oct. 8, 2011

John Ezovski

This past week, on two occasions, the fence along Healey Ave. was cut.  There was no apparent attempt to break into any of the containers nor any graffiti applied.  A walk along the entire site fence showed no other damage.

Cuts in the fence occurred under a tree that probably provided some cover.  Today several workers heavily pruned this tree.  A good portion of the trimmings were removed.  Hopefully this work will help discourage this activity.  Fairgrounds management was informed.  Night security will now patrol the area on Healey Ave.

Work has continued on repairs to the right side crosshead guides.  All holes have been bored and bolts machined.  Measurements between the guides appear to be within acceptable limits.  When 2479's master mechanic returns from vacation, he will make the final decision regarding any additional work in this area.

Measurements of the position of the left crosshead guides to the stroke of the piston have been completed.  These guides will also require repositioning.  With any luck, the process that has been learned on the right side will allow these repairs to be completed in a shorter time frame.

The locomotive and tender have been not been moved in almost two years.  There has been some concern about journal surfaces.  Over the past several weeks the exposed journal surfaces on the locomotive were cleaned and lubricated.  Journal oil levels were checked on the tender and locomotive lead truck.  Today the tender was pulled forward an back several times one full wheel revolution.  The tender resisted the pull on first move.  All other moves were completed with almost no effort.  In the next several weeks the same operation will be performed with the locomotive.


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