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SP2479 - Sat. Jan 7, 2012

John Ezovski

Repairs to 2479's crossheads and guides are complete!

Work began on the left side guides and crosshead Oct. 15, 2011.  A different set of issues were encountered but were quickly overcome.  The guides did not require any repairs.  All holes were reasonably round and the cylinder end of the guides did not require weld repair.  Only four of the eight mounting bolts had to be replaced.  Babbitting of the crosshead was the major issue and required the most time.

Prior to the close of 2011, the crosshead was installed and found to be binding at both end limits of travel.  Close inspection revealed the lower guide to be the problem.  The lower guide was ever so slightly bowed up at the tail end.  Belt sanding of the last five inches of the guide provided the necessary relief.

Binding at the front limits was a function of the upper guide being to wide for the crosshead.  Again belt sanding was used to remove a material from the sides of the guide.  The left crosshead now slides freely within its limits of travel.

Today the left cylinder cover was installed to protect the cylinder from rain and other sources of potential damage.

Next in line are the traming of the steam distribution valve crossheads.  The biggest problem here is the need for the new cage for the front end of the left cylinder.


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