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SP2479 - Sat. Jan 21, 2012

John Ezovski

Several things to report.

Over the past couple of weeks, a very detailed analysis of the steam dome cover was completed.  This cover, with out any doubt, is not serviceable.  Bot the steam dome and aux dome covers are to thin to be returned to service.  Material and specs for new covers have been forwarded to Jack and Ken so that quotes may be obtained and new covers created.  All 20 studs in the aux dome and 24 studs in the steam dome will have to be replaced.  There will be lots of work here!

The cross head for the right steam distribution cylinder has been closely examined. One side of the cross head lacks bronze.  Next week an attempt will be made to braze the surface.

A big thank you to Larry M. for donating his old PC.  The site now has a Dell system running Windows XP.  All CTRC files on the old machine have been moved to this new system.


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