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SP1215 Display Track

John Ezovski

Ballasting of the 90 some feet of panel track that SP1215 rests was completed today.  The site is now ready to receive the Missouri Pacific caboose. See attached image.

Thank you to Reed and Graham for the 17 yards of ballast.  Thank you to Robert Pederson, AtoolShed for the use of a dump truck and loader.

To Ken M. and Steve R., thanks for relocating the rock to San Jose History Park. The guys that worked the shovels another big thanks.  I had figured at least three full days of work to complete this task.  Larry, Steve, Gene, and Tom completed the job in one and one half days.  Tamping ballast under ties is miserable work.  Shoveling stone is right up there with tamping.  We all knew what need to be done and made it happen.


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