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Aux Dome Cover - Feb 24, 2012

John Ezovski

This past week I have spent a bunch of time on the phone attempting to locate a piece of material suitable for a new aux dome cover.  Each distributor I called pointed me down the road.

I Ended up getting quotes from two shops.  One in Stockton and another in West Sacramento.  With approval and a very kind donation from Rod Diridon, today the blank for the cover was ordered

The piece will be flame cut to about 20 1/2 inches.  It is 2 inches thick, will have material certs and heat treat numbers.  The piece is going to weigh in near 225 pounds.  Delivery could be as early as this coming Wednesday to the trolley barn.  I hope to meet the truck and immediately deliver to the work site.

This will be the beginning of a multi-step machining process.  Mounting bolt holes should not be difficult.  Cutting the 3 inch holes for the safeties is going to be a challenge.  Holes for the whistle and valve are just a bit easier.

Several years ago, I was informed that changes were coming to cover calculations in the Form 4.  When complete, there will be no issues with aux dome cover thickness and the Form 4.

Next week I will work at getting material for the 20 new aux dome studs.

Over the next weeks (months?) there is going to be a bunch of work.


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