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SP2479 - Sat. March 3, 2012

John Ezovski

The blank for the new aux dome cover was received during this past week.  The diameter of the piece is slightly less than 20 1/2".  And it is 2 inches thick.  In the attached image, a nut that is 7/8" tall was placed on top of the plate to give a sense of size.

Dealing with the blank for the new aux dome cover was the focus of this past Saturday's session.  Boring of holes in this cover for the safeties and other objects will present a significant challenge.

The safeties, whistle and vent valve were mounted on the old cover to verify clearances.  Holes for each of these objects may be relocated slightly.

Prior to cutting into a $400.00 piece of steel, we will experiment on a piece of scrap plate.  A one inch piece of material was located, cut and cleaned.

The trolley barn's big LeBlond lathe is the only CTRC machine capable of performing this work.  The lathe was examined for tooling.  It appears that there is a piece missing for the taper attachment but should be easy to fabricate.  Only if we are successful with the piece of scrap plate will work will begin on the blank, otherwise services of a machine shop will be necessary for the large holes.


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