CTRC - The California Trolley and Railroad Corporation.
Preserving the historical heritage of railroading and trolleys in the Santa Clara Valley of California.

Status Update - May 6, 2012

John Ezovski

The majority of today's steam crew spent the day working at the trolley barn.  Two members worked at returning the barn's Clark forklift to a serviceable state . This machine has not run for several years.  The battery required extended charging and a multitude of ignition issues were repaired.  By days end, the forklift was running.

Progress has been made with the new aux dome cover.  Holes for the two safeties, valve and whistle were bored to an optimum diameter during the week.  Today the gasket seating surface was machined flat on the Le Blond lathe.

Next came the big test.  Could the lathe turn the heavy plate offset five inches from center without counter weights being attached?  The first of two safety holes was centered and the machine powered on.  There was no noticeable difference in rotational rate of the chuck Tapering and threading of the hole began.  By secure time, the first of four holes was complete.  A significant step forward.

At the locomotive restoration site, several other tasks were underway.  Components to provide tender water level to the cab crew were being manufactured.  Nice weather requires weekly grass and weed control.


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