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SP2479 Update - Saturday, May 26, 2012

John Ezovski

Nice size crew today.

With the restoration site being in a highly visible area, appearance is important.  Today a group of workers trimmed trees of low branches passing threw the fence.  Removal of these branches also helps with site security.

Although the lawn tractor does not see heavy use, performing preventative maintenance on the machine is a necessity.  A number of items were addressed needed to help extend its life.

The locomotive's boiler is beginning to show weathering.  Wire wheeling and painting of the boiler has begun and will continue for many more weeks.

The real good news is the fourth and final hole in the center area of the new aux dome cover has been threaded!  The new cover was removed from the Le Blonde lathe and returned to the restoration site for remaining work.

All twenty studs needed to mount the new cover have been machined.  Five of the studs were set into place.


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