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SP2479/SP1215 - Sept 1, 2012

John Ezovski


The past couple of work sessions the crew struggled with assembling the right side reverse link, radius rod, and combination lever.

The combination lever pin would not seat in the valve cross head.  After three plus hours of filing and polishing with emery paper, the pin was seated and secured with tapered pins.

Assembly of reverse link, reverse link block, cheeks and radius rod were next.  Bolts that hold secure the cheeks and capture the reverse link are fitted.  Each hole and bolt was marked by SP.  The first bolt did not fit its assigned hole.  As the afternoon wore on, the task was terminated.  Measurements of the bolts and holes were taken before returning components to storage.  It was noted at this time that bolts did not match assigned holes.  Bolts were then matched to holes.

Yesterday the reverse link assembly was bolted into place.  Assembly went off with no issues.  Securing the radius rod to the cross head did present some problems.  The pin which retains the radius rod to the cross head would not fully seat.  A small amount of filing on the pin resolved the issue. (See photo.)

Tramming of the cross head for the left steam valve is now under way.  Yesterday a wire was centered in the bore of the cylinder and measurements taken.

Cleaning and painting of running boards continues.  Running boards on the left side are complete. Right side is in work.


Locomotive at History Park has begun to show affects of weather.  Some polishing of rods and a coat of clear lacquer has been applied.  Windows are in the process of being repainted.


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