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Super Heater Units and Large Rack - Nov. 6, 2012

John Ezovski

Today (Nov. 6) Larry, Denis and I unloaded the 23 super heater units stored in the large rack.  The rack was partially disassembled.  Rack components were then moved into the inside passenger car and reassembled.  Most of this work was done by noon.

There were a few rack components to assembled after lunch.  About 1:15 we began to load super heater units into the rack.  I don't understand why them things got heavier as the after noon wore on; they must have a positive temperature coefficient.  By 3:15 the 23 units were in the rack.

There are 17 units remaining on the second rack at the end of the double wide.  At least six of there are units that tested good and need to be moved into the car.  Hopefully there will be sufficient workers present to complete this Saturday.  Otherwise we will meet again on Tuesday to move remaining units under cover.


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