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SP2479 Saturday Feb 2

John Ezovski

Small crew Saturday Feb 2.  A couple of projects are moving forward.

Every quarter or so, the locomotive and tender are rolled to prevent corrosion from forming on the various journal surfaces.  There sufficient track to the locomotive's drivers to complete on full revolution.  Two forklifts provide the pull.  the pilot truck brakes are used to stop.

The tender's air pipe to its brake cylinder had worn through . A section of schedule 80 pipe was obtained to replace the bad section of pipe.  Inspection of the train air pipe mounted on the tender is also in need of replacement.  Any one know a supplier that would like to donate about 60 feet of 1 1/4" schedule 80 pipe?

Repairs to the one heavily worn sander has begun.  A bit of refinement is needed in the process.  Hopefully this coming weekend the first step will be complete.

Friday members of the California State Railroad Museum visited the restoration site and trolley barn.  Their primary mission was to examine the Lenzen Ave. turntable prior to disassembling their table for cleaning and repair.  The turntable located directly behind the stare museum is identical to the Lenzen table.

While at the restoration site, the group also inspected the locomotive.  During this inspection, the Jerry and Karen Lane Foundation grant was mentioned and that these funds are to be used to purchase main and side rod bronze.  Albert Di Paolo, CSRM's Restoration Specialist, mentioned a possible source for rod bronze in Stockton. He will email me with contact information.  It may be possible for the rod bronze to be obtained locally.


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