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SP2479 Status - March 23, 2013

John Ezovski

Today lead was poured into three of the four sander valve body ports.  A number of different methods were discussed as to how to create new lead liners for these ports.  Most of these ideas required significant creativity.  The final solution turns out to be the simplest: fill the hole with lead and drill out the required opening.  Three of the holes have been filled.  Next Saturday these holes will be drilled.  If the resulting sleeve is acceptable, the fourth hole will be filled and drilled.

Rod bronze should now be on order!  This week a check was mailed to the vendor.  Upon receipt of check vendor was going to begin manufacturing the required material.  Material should arrive towards the end of April.

Warmer weather and small amounts of rain require site grass/weeds be cut weekly.  Properly operating lawn equipment is rather helpful.  Site continues to look good.


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