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Preserving the historical heritage of railroading and trolleys in the Santa Clara Valley of California.

Status - May 18, 2013

John Ezovski

Lots accomplished yesterday.

Machining of the front, right (R1) rod bushing was completed.  Two of eight bushings are now complete.  Because of the time of day, the bushing was not pressed into the rod.  That work should be complete next Saturday.  The next bushing to be machined will be for the front side rod, main pin.

Some pad welding on firebox roof sheet was also completed.  Two areas are complete and one partially finished.  There is one more large and one small area remaining.  Next week the completed areas will be measured for thickness and Form 19's generated.

Clean up of the cab's exterior surfaces has begun.  Because the cab has sat for a very long period with primer only on the exterior surfaces, the entire exterior must be wire wheeled.  Cleaned surfaces are then covered with primer.  Paint will follow.

Thanks to all that participated.


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