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SP2479 Saturday May 4

John Ezovski

Machining of the first rod bushing, L1, is now complete. Cutting a convex radius at the entrance to the inside diameter was the last step )see image-1). This radius matches the concave radius at the wheel end of the driver's pin. The bushing is seen sitting nicely on it's pin in image-2. Next the bushing will be pressed into its rod. Before this can happen several things must occur.

First the rod must be moved from its storage spot in the trolley barn. This man take place this coming week. Our large hydraulic press in the outside shop will be used to insert the bushing. The little Hyster forklift is needed to carry the rod to the press. Today the right front tire on this machine was found flat. Location of the leak was identified. This coming week the inner tube will be patched. Hopefully the little forklift will be ready next Saturday.

Once the bushing is in place, a thrust ring will be press on the non-flange end. This ring prevents the bushing from being pushed out by the rod's retaining nut during operation. Some machining to the thrust ring may be required. With this work finished, the rod will be returned to its proper home!

Machining of the rod bushing for the right side number 1 driver pin is well under way. Work on this pin should be complete in the next one to two weeks. This is dependent upon how things go with the first bushing. The next large piece of bronze to see the Le Blond lathe will be for the bushing for the left front rod number 2 pin. It was decided that work on the left front rod will be completed first. We will then repeat with the process for the right front rod. There are many weeks of work in front of us.

While rod bushings are in work, there is another big task waiting. Most know that the cab is now at the restoration site. Work on restoring/repairing the cab can begin once a detailed plan is created. Those that are looking for a task, here it is!

Also today, the locomotive and tender were rolled to keep journal surfaces from corrosion.


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