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1907 Mitchell

ImageThis 1907 Mitchell was built by the Mitchell Motor Co. in Racine, Wisconsin.  The company dates back to 1834 when they began building wagons, later adding farm implements, motorcycles and in 1903, automobiles.  The Mitchell automobile was quite popular and by 1913 they had more than 10,000 employees and the main plant occupied 2,300,000 square feet.  They made 96% of the components for their automobiles.  Mitchell popularity began to decline in 1917 and the Mitchell family sold the firm.  The new owner continued production through 1923 before declaring bankruptcy.  The main plant was sold to Nash.  A total of 70,000 Mitchells were produced.

This antique vehicle can be seen at the Trolley Barn on the grounds of the History Museums of San Jose, 1600 Senter Road, San Jose, California, 95112.  This car is the property of the San Jose Historical Museum.


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