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1913 Ford Model T Pickup


ImageThe chassis of this vehicle was made by the Ford Motor Co. in 1913.  The body of the truck was made by some company other than Ford as they did not make delivery trucks between 1912 and 1917.  The bare chassis original price tag was probably $410.00.

The vehicle was purchased from Jackie Cooper, Columbia Pictures Inc. by the Keystone Coffee Company in 1969 because it was a duplicate of the vehicle they had used for their deliveries during the early years of the century.  They had the vehicle restored in the early 1970's and used in parades and car shows for advertisement.  In 1990 it was donated to the San Jose Historical Museum by Dorothy Dawn Helzer.

This antique vehicle can be seen at the Trolley Barn on the grounds of the History Museums of San Jose, 1600 Senter Road, San Jose, California, 95112.  This car is the property of the San Jose Historical Museum.



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