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1916 Detroit Electric Touring Car

ImageThis car was manufactured in 1916 by the Anderson Electric Co. in Detroit Michigan.  The company produced electric vehicles from 1906 until the 1930's but the name was changed to the Detroit Electric Co. in 1919.  They produced about 14,000 electric cars over this period.  This car was a favorite of the ladies as it did not require cranking, was totally enclosed, and was easy to operate.

The model 60, shown above, featured dual controls so it could be driven from either the front or rear seat.  It is powered by 14 six volt batteries which can be connected as two 42 volt batteries in parallel or as one 84 volt battery depending upon the speed desired.  The controller which makes these connections provides for 5 speeds with the top speed approximately 20 miles per hour.  The range before the batteries require recharging was advertised as about 70 miles.

This antique vehicle can be seen at the Trolley Barn on the grounds of the History Museums of San Jose, 1600 Senter Road, San Jose, California, 95112.  This car is the property of the San Jose Historical Museum.



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