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1927 Kleiber

Before - March 2000
This 1927 Kleiber truck was last owned by the Western States Oil Company of San Jose.  It was donated to the History San Jose (Kelley Park) on March 18, 2000.  Western States Oil Company used the truck to deliver oil to merchants in the San Jose California area.

In 1913, Paul Kleiber organized the Kleiber Motor Truck Company in San Francisco to manufacture commercial vehicles that he designed.  Standard parts were used, such as a Continental engine, throughout the truck. In 1924, Kleiber added passenger cars to their line of trucks. Production numbers were small for both trucks and passenger cars and following the stock market crash in 1929, production of cars was discontinued.  Production of trucks continued for another eight years.

This antique vehicle can be seen at the Trolley Barn on the grounds of the History of San Jose, 1600 Senter Road, San Jose, California, 95112.  The truck is the property of History San Jose.

After - June 2002


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