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Interesting Visit on Saturday January 13, 2007

The Visitors From Jack Young:

The story unfolds this way – I received an email from Robert Franzen the first of the year letting me know he was going to be in town the weekend of January 13, 2007 for a Private car convention at the Double Tree hotel in San Jose, and could I pick him up and bring him to the site to visit the SP 2479 restoration to see the restoration crew to catch up on the project.

So I replied to Roberts email letting him knows that we would welcome a visit to the site.

Friday January 12, 2007 I called Robert to arrange a time to pick him up at the Double Tree Hotel we were all set for 9:30 AM the following day.

Saturday January 13, 2007 8:00 AM I get a call on my cell phone from Robert asking if he could bring down a few more folks – 3 more folks to be exact – I told him no problem.

I get to the Hotel and out comes Robert Franzen and his 3 Friends Doyle McCormick of 4449, Steve Sandburg of 261 and Nick Kallas of Illinois railroad museum.

So I have pretty much had the brain trust for Big Operating Steam in my Bronco heading to the Restoration site of SP 2479.

As we head to the site (on Highway 87) I had the opportunity to point out some points of interest VTA maintenance Facility where we had SP 2479’s Tender, lead truck and trailing truck wheels turned and the new maintenance Facility for CalTrains and, of course, the status of the SP 2479.

We arrive at the restoration site for SP 2479 with work in process on the locomotive.  The crew took a break to get introduced to our visitors.  We then conduct a walking tour of the Locomotive (inside and out) and the facility.

They seemed to be impressed by what they saw and the completeness of the restoration.  Our visitors stayed for little more then 1 hour and then it was off to the History Museum of San Jose for another walking tour of the grounds.  I then returned these folks back to the Double tree so they could attend their conference.

All in all a very interesting day.

Very interesting day indeed

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