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2479 Progress Report - April 21, 2007

From John Esovski

By far the most significant accomplishment this week was completion of weld repairs to the left pedestal for number 2 driver.  Back in October of 2006, a crack was discovered at the top of the wedge pedestal on the left side of number 2 driver.  A close inspection of all other pedestals  revealed cracks in two other pedestals for number 2 driver.  This past week the third and final crack was welded.

The pedestal crack was discovered during repairs to the four face plates of the number 2 driver pedestals.  Each face plate's attaching welds had cracked nearly all the way around.  During the weld repairs to these plates, the shoe face plate on the left side twisted away from the frame and required a new plate be machined and installed.  This was the second major welding task completed this week.

With the repairs completed to the left side of the frame for number two driver, the shoe and wedge for the left pedestal can be installed and measured to ensure their faces are parallel.  If not, the necessary machining will be completed.  Once this task has been completed, all shoes will be installed and a final tram measurements will be performed.

Also started this week was the chamfering of the telltale holes for all new staybolts.  Chamfering of these holes is necessary to hold a sealing material that blocks soot and other debris from blocking these holes during operation.  During side sheet, throat and combustion chamber repairs, close to 1000 staybolts were replaced.  Each of these bolts must be chamfered.

Started this week was machining of the saddles that interface the locomotive springs to the driver's journal boxes.  This critical step sets the height of the locomotive and more important can determine the weight each journal carries.  Errors here can cause journals to over heat.

Finally comes grass cutting.  The task this week was not as easy as in past weeks.  Our lawn tractor is presently not operational.  Parts  are on back order and may not be available until mid-May.  With site appearance degrading, several workers (J. Zielinski, L. Murchinson, P. Ruhle) broke out the hand push mowers.  They cut a lot of grass during the work day.

Its been a real good week.

Thanks to all!


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