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2479 Progress Report - April 28, 2007

From John Esovski

During this past week the crack located at the top of the frame cross member behind number 2 driver was welded.

The shoe and wedge for the fireman's side of number 2 driver were positioned and tested for fit.  Excessive side to side rock was noted for the shoe.  The pedestal face plate was found to have several high spots.  These high spots were removed by light polishing of the surface on Saturday.  The shoe and wedge may now be tested again for fit.

All of the locomotive's driver springs were removed.  The springs have been sitting atop the frame since restoration of the locomotive's equalization system was completed. Removal of the springs was required to allow installation of the journal box saddles at a future date.

Chamfering of staybolts in side the fire box continues.

Gouging out of a crack in the cross member in front of number 1 driver was completed.  This cross member is part of the locomotive's brake foundation.  There are at least three significant cracks in this part.

The lawn tractor is out of service for parts.  Cutting of grass was accomplished with hand pushed power mowers.


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