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2479 Progress Report - May 26, 2007

Chamfering of the tell tale holes of the hundreds of new staybolts inside the firebox is nearing completion.  Welding of the final staybolt hole in the firebox has been completed.  Pad welding of the firebox side wrapper sheet has begun with one area completed.

Weld repair of cracks identified in the brake foundation is moving forward.  Cracking of the brake foundation must have been common for 2479.  SP had performed a number of weld repairs to the foundation during its years of service.

Shoe and wedge for driver L2 was test fitted and measurements taken.  Tram wires must now be installed before finally machine work on shoes can take place.  Three of the six journal box to spring saddles have been machined to final length.

Reorganization of various materials at the restoration site continues.  Parts for the lawn tractor have finally been received.  The tractor was assembled this past weekend and returned to service.


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