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2479/1215 Progress Summary - 2007

From John Ezovski

Sometimes it might feel that not much is being accomplished, but my notes show that is not the case!

  • Boiler
    • Wire wheeled and repainted.
    • Weld all remaining stay bolt holes - about 14.
    • Attach by welding remaining staybolt half sleeves.
    • Install and hammer seal all remaining firebox staybolts.
    • Pad weld 6" x 4" "waste" area of firebox on left side along running board.
    • Weld fitting to backhead for water column.  Test fit column.
    • Extensive measurements of the crown sheet stays were made for use in future calculations.
  • #2 Pedestals
    • Weld large cracks where pedestal joins main frame beam for wedge pedestal 2 left, 2 right shoe and 2 right wedge.
    • Replace #2 left pedestal face.
    • Grind flat #2 left and right shoe and wedge pedestal shoulders after weld repair.
  • Running Gear
    • Measure, measure and more measurements of frame with and without shoes installed.
    • Trim drive spring saddles.
  • Locomotive brake foundation
    • Remove brake levers
    • Grind and weld approximately 9 large cracks in brake foundation.  Install brake levers (again).
  • 1215
    • SP1215 Pipes and appliances removed cataloged in Portola and stored in San Jose
    • SP 1215 moved to San Jose from Portola
  • Caboose
    • Caboose was re configured with railfair displays
  • Clark Forklift
    • Remove, repair and reinstall vertical hydraulic cylinder for Clark forklift.
    • Remove, repair and reinstall tilt cylinders.
    • Remove for repair water pump - install.
    • Manufacture hardware to mount new operator's seat.
  • Wiggins Forklift
    • Remove for repair and install both vertical hydraulic cylinders.
    • Remove for repair both tilt hydraulic cylinders.
  • 40 Ton Press
    • Moved and installed under outdoor shop.  Required adding roof extension to contain upper housing of press.
  • Site
    • Cut lots of grass and weeds.
    • Improve site appearance by consolidating rail/tie and other misc. items.
    • Clean debris along perimeter fence.
    • Compressor and welding sheds were repainted.
    • Herder shack was moved.
    • General site cleanup.
    • The compressor and the welding sheds were cleaned and repainted.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Field review of Little butter cup in Sacramento and report.
    • Number of meetings with Neighbor association.
    • ARM convention attendance.
    • Many locomotive parts and assemblies have been reconditioned for subsequent re-installation.
    • Two scale models of the proposed San Jose Railroad Museum were created.  One is the size of a very large briefcase and the other is N-scale and about the size of a table tennis table.

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