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SP2479 Progress: January 31, 2009

By J. Ezovski

During the week, fairgrounds personnel spread many yards of base rock and installed posts for the new site's power distribution panel.  Hopefully power will be delivered to the new site early this coming week.

Today's large crew finished turning the locomotive.  The locomotive is now in line with its tender in the new area.  The crew began replacing unserviceable ties in panels that the locomotive will sit on for future repairs.  Once track repairs are complete, ballast will be spread and the panels leveled.  The locomotive will then be pulled forward about 80 feet to its new location.

With the locomotive close to its new home, the crew turned to relocating the site's air compressor shed.  This task was completed very late in the afternoon.

Another Thank You to Mr. Pedersen and A Tool Shed.  None of the locomotive moves completed these past three weeks would have been possible without the help of a second forklift.  The locomotive can almost be pulled by John Blaine's forklift but the A Tool Shed forklift made the pull easy.

A number of items remain at the old site.  The most significant of these is the double wide trailer.  Moving it will not be easy.  Hopefully it will survive one more move.


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