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2479 Update - Feb 28 through March 21 2009
Moving the 2479

Feb 28

Muddy conditions created by heavy rain during the first part of February slowed the relocation of CTRC material to the new site but did not stop all work.

Site improvements continued.  Fairgrounds staff have spread many more yards of base rock like material.  This has allowed us to ballast and level panels of track that the locomotive will sit.  The dirt bike motorcycle course operator, located on the fairgrounds, allowed CTRC the use of a loader for several hours this past week.  Ballast from the old site was recovered, spread and tamped under the panels of track.  Some additional ballast is needed between the ties then the locomotive can be pulled forwarded to the new work area.

The trailer was the last large object to be moved by CTRC members.  Several days of work remain to clear the old site of a number of small items.  Dry weather and identifying a storage location are all that is necessary.  On the other hand, much work remains at the new site.


On Saturday, Feb. 28, the crew decided to take advantage of the prior week's dry conditions with an attempt to move organizations 40 by 20 foot double wide trailer.  Tires were installed and the task of extracting the trailer began.  Eight years ago this trailer was positioned between trees. (We must have never thought about having to move this trailer again.) Those trees have grown over the years combined with the delicate structural integrity of the trailer made extraction a bit more difficult.  Several hours of jockeying the trailer about were expended.  The trailer was successful rotated into a direction where it could be pulled across the field to the new location. The trailer must now be leveled, placed back onto concrete piers and electrical installed.

Mar 7

Today's large crew and dry weather moved several tasks forward.  The double wide trailer received most of the attention.  The trailer was placed back on to its concrete piers and tires were removed.

Thanks to the generosity of Mr.  Pedersen of A Tool Shed, a trench was quickly dug from the main power panel to the trailer.  Conduit and wire were laid and electrical power restored to the trailer.

A second trench was dug from the main power panel over to the rail.  A circuit breaker panel and power outlets, mounted on 4 x 4 posts, was set into the ground. Conduit and wire have been set into place but several small connection issues remain.

Three months have elapsed since the present phase of site consolidation began.  We are very close to being able to place all of our attention on restoration of SP 2479.  All remaining material should be relocated to the new site in the coming weeks, assuming relatively dry weather.

Thank you Mr.  Pedersen for the use of the walk behind trencher!

Mar 14

Another busy week at the restoration site.

  • The circuit break and outlet box adjacent to the rail was connected to the main power source.
  • Compressed air was also made available at this same location.
  • The large rack was set into its new location and filled with pallets.

Today a significant amount of material was relocated from the old site and with this the relocation of CTRC material to the new site is almost complete! One more day's worth of work is all that is needed to place this task in the complete column. By the end of the month focus will be back on the locomotive.

Moving the 2479

Mar 21

Its been another busy week at the restoration site.

The most significant event taking place today.  The Saturday crew completed the necessary track work and pulled the locomotive forward 120 feet to the location where restoration of SP 2479 may be completed.

The week day crew has begun construction of a storage shed between two of our containers.  This shed will be a secure area for equipment previously stored in rest rooms at the old location.

This coming week fairgrounds staff will have a crane company provide a quote to move the turn table and water tank.  To help reduce this cost, the week day crew moved a portion of the structure that supports the large water tank.  This large support is seen in the image below to the right of the double wide trailer.


Today's crew spent most of the day clearing materials from the old site.  Finally, all CTRC materials have been removed from the field previously occupied.  The end of the move is in site!


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