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Restoration Progress - SP1215 - Sept 11-15, 2009

J Ezovski

This past week the crew completed cleaning and painting of cab interior, boiler wrapper and backhead.  Cab interior looks nice!

Cleaning and polishing of the various rods links is also ongoing.

Attached are images of progress made on 1215's tender.

Image 1 provides a good view as to the condition of the engineer's side of tender prior to start of restoration.

Image 2 is a close up view of what remains of many layers of paint.  This stuff is nasty.  In some places paint comes off easily.  In other areas needle scalers beats on the stuff for some time before breaking loose.

Image 3 is appearance today.

Much work remains, but the appearance of SP 1215 is improving each passing week.  If you haven't visited the 1215's storage area in some time, stop in for a visit.  The work crew is usually there on Tuesdays.  The locomotive is accessible most every day from 8AM to 5 PM.

Update: September 15, 2009

The weekday crew is making progress on cleaning up of SP 1215.  Most of the effort the past three weeks has been on the engineer's side of the tender.

The first photo above shows the tender on Aug 25, 2009.

The image to the right is the tender today.

Cleanup of the area below the running boards is in work.  Because of the amount of work to be performed, it will be several weeks before this area sees paint.


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