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Progress on SP2479 & 1215 - March 2010


Last component in the locomotive's front coupler pocket has been installed.  With the help of liquid nitrogen, donated by Todd from the Schmahl Science Workshop located at San Jose History Park, the upper hole's bushing was slipped into place on March 29th and the coupler installed.  Another task, many years in planning and work, is complete. Thank you Todd!

Various components that make up the locomotive's valve gear are now being closely examined.  Link support pin bushings have been removed on both sides.  The right side bushing holes in the yoke were found to be round.  Bushings have been machined and pressed into place.  Things are not so good on the left side.  The inside hole in the yoke was found to be out of round.  Tooling is being made to bore this hole with a magnetic base drill.

Electrical outlets are now in service near the tender, caboose and passenger cars.  Approximately 150 feet of cable and conduit was laid for this improvement.  Much needed lighting in at least one of the passenger cars is now available.  Thank you A Tool Shed and Robert Pederson for the use of a ditch witch!

Late in the month John Zielinski was informed by Siemen's management that a 5 foot square 6 inch thick acorn platen table would be donated to CTRC.  Arrangements were being made for pick up of this needed item.

The final piece of good news for the month was Oakland Machine had finished boring the main and front set of side rods.  The rods will be picked up early this coming week.


The last segments of the Fireman's cab floor has been cut and set into place.  Most of the necessary welding is complete. Holes have been located and drilled in the floor for that side's air tank.  All back head pipe, removed for asbestos abatement, has been put back into place.


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