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Water Tank Painting Project - Sept 28, 29 2010

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Painter, Nick, spent a morning applying a rust inhibitor by roller.  The painting supervisor felt that use of a roller allows for a heavy application of the inhibitor.

It's a bit difficult to see in the image where the inhibitor has been applied.  The area to the right of the scissor lift has been finished, except for the lower panel, and is a slightly darker color then the rest of the tank.

Until today, none of us had seen the tank's inside.  (See the photos below.)  A high reaching scissor lift and the painter provided an opportunity to peak inside.

I believe the bracing was inserted for the move from Lenzen St. to the fairgrounds.

Update (Oct 6): Apparently the supervisor for the water tank painting project did not like the finish.  Today a worker was seen sanding the tank.

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