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SP2479 - Accomplishments: Saturday May 21, 2011

John Ezovski

A large crew produced the most productive day in a very long time!

Thanks to the generous donation of 30 gallons of hydraulic oil by Mr. Steve Lopes, Western States Oil, today the large planner was used to trim the top of the right side cross head guide's babbitted surface.  Prior to trimming, this surface was heavily pitted. With this work complete, repairs can begin on the right side's upper cross head guide.

The last of four bolts for the lower cross head guide was machined.  Nuts are all that is needed to mount the guide on the locomotive.

While machining of the cross head was taken place, welding of tire clips on the main driver was taking place.  The right side tire of the main driver was replaced during earlier repairs. Tire retaining clips were not installed at the time of the repair.  Several more clips need to be made to replace missing clips on the right side of number three driver.

Additional welding was performed on the backhead of the boiler.  A small but deep gouge in the sheet was repaired by pad welding.

The area behind the shop was looking rather sad.  Several members worked in the area most of the day.  Appearance from Old Tulley Road has improved greatly.  A bit more work is needed to complete this task.

Spring cleanup of the tall weeds in the round house materials area has begun.  Lots more work is need in this area to complete this job.

Thanks to all that participated.


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