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SP2479 - August 28, 2011

John Ezovski

During the past several months repairs to SP-2479 right side crosshead guides have continued but at an agonizingly slow pace.  With the lower guide in position and the upper surface of the crosshead machined, workers turned to installing the upper guide.  Before this could be completed guide position to center of the cylinder had to be made along with repairs to the holes in the upper guide and its associated hanger holes.  Obstacles were encountered in each step of these repairs  Each obstacle caused at a minimum of a weeks delay to devise a solution.

The guide’s position to the cylinder has been set and is near ideal.  The greatest challenge has been the match boring of the rear holes in the upper guide and its associated hanger hole.  This past week the first of these holes was finished.  Hopefully the second rear mounting hole will be completed in a more timely fashion.

These images show the various tooling used to complete boring of the upper hole.  All of these items had been used elsewhere but required modifications.

Cleanup of the front anchor points is much easier as these holes can be drilled.  This process began late Saturday afternoon.  The inside hole is almost complete.

The organization’s large Clark forklift has been running rather poorly and has received a considerable amount of attention during this period.  A compression test was performed with satisfactory results followed by a complete tune up.  With only a slight performance improvement, it was felt that a carburetor rebuild was necessary.  Finding the model number and parts for a 58 year old carburetor was no easy task but parts were located.  (One of these days we are not going to be so lucky.)  Rebuild of the carburetor made a difference.  The lift was driven and operated with no issues.

Two large machines have been removed from storage.  The first of these, a Brown and Sharpe mill, has been cleaned up and made serviceable.  This machine has not been used for a number of years.  It had been stored outside in semi-covered area and thus required lots of help before power could be applied.  Cleanup of the second machine, a surface grinder, is in work.

Weekly, members are cutting grass, pruning trees and clearing weeds.  Maintaining site appearance is always a concern.


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