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SP2470 Status

John Ezovski

June 30

Traming of the cross head for the right steam distribution valve is nearly complete.  Adjusting the cross heads position with shims has consumed two worker's time over the past two weeks.  It now appears that the cross head is in a good position to accept the valve's rod.

Two tasks remain before the valve can be inserted into the cylinder.  The two bolts that attach the right upper and lower guides must be replaced.  These will be machined in the coming week.  A grease fitting and path need to be added to the outside lower guide.  Once this work is complete, the task will be repeated on the left side.

Upper surfaces of the locomotive's boiler have begun to show affects of weather.  Flexible staybolt caps and sleeves show the most weathering.  To prevent damage, most of the boiler will be wire wheeled, primed and painted.  This task is well under way.  Above the running boards on the fireman's side, barrels 1 and 2 have been thoroughly wire wheeled and primed.  The backhead and the firebox wrapper sheet above the running boards on the engineer's side has seen the same service.

July 14

Wire brushing and application of primer to boiler continues.  Except for two small areas primer has now been applied to the boiler and firebox from the running boards on one side, up over the top of the boiler to the running boards on the opposite side.

Traming of the cross head for the left steam distribution valve is on going.  Both holes in the cross head that holds the pin which connects the upper end of the combination lever are over size and out of round.  The upper and lower "bridges" were thin.  Decision was made to weld up both holes.  Today the first hole was built up.  During the coming week the welded area will be bored.

A wire was position in the middle of the left steam distribution cylinder.  Several measurements were taken.  Until the cross head is finished this process can not continue.


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