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SP2479 Status - Sept 29, 2012

John Ezovski

Today's crew was small but a bunch of work was completed.

Prior to departing on vacation our master mechanic machined two grease fitting adaptors for the frame which allow lubrication to the reverse link pins.  There were issues getting grease to flow around the left side frame's inside reverse link bushing but they were overcome.

Today the reverse link and radius rod were installed.  None of the issues that were experienced on the right side were encounter.

Cleaning and painting of running boards continues and is near completion.  The upper surface on the right side including the engineer's platform are now complete.  The fireman's platform has been cleaned and primed.  The "well" area between the engineer and fireman have been wire brushed also wire brushed was the apron between the locomotive and tender.

The piece of bronze needed for a new bushing for the engineer's side of the reverse rod has been received.


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