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History of Locomotive 1215

Southern Pacific Railroad 0-6-0 steam locomotive #1215 was built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works (Philadelphia) in 1913. It received the "S-10" classification from the railroad. A total of 27 engines were constructed in two Baldwin production lots (1913 and 1917). Utilizing superheated steam and piston valve cylinders, the initial members of the S-10 class were the first "modern" steam switcher engines on the railroad. Six members of the "S-10" class survive and are on display:

Number Location
1215 San Jose, CA
1221 Deming, NM
1233 Woodland, CA
1237 Salinas, CA
1238 Fresno, CA
1298 Santa Cruz, CA

Switch engines typically worked in the various rail yards making up freight trains or taking rail cars directly to online rail customers. Some larger passenger terminal facilities, such as San Jose, had their own switch engines. These depot switchers were often "dressed-up" with special paint schemes and chromed lettering/numbering. S-10 locomotive #1221, presently in Deming, NM, was the San Jose depot switcher at both the Market Street and Cahill (Diridon) locations.

After being originally assigned to the Dunsmiur rail yard near Mt Shasta, locomotive 1215 primarily worked for the Western Division of the Southern Pacific Railroad from Oakland, Sacramento and Bakersfield. The locomotive finished its active career in San Francisco before being retired from service in 1957 and subsequently donated to Hanford, California for a static park display in 1958. The Feather River Railroad Society (FRRS) purchased the engine in 1995 and moved it to their Portola Railroad Museum. CTRC acquired the locomotive from FRRS in 2004.